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With our headquarters based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, our organization has procured goods having a matchless quality factor, which would yield you with nothing but promising results.

Ambit of Products

Being resistant to water/moisture, such devices are run in a glitch-free manner at all times. The items we supply include-

  • Anti Collision Sensor
  • Bag Filter Level Switches
  • Belt Sway Switches
  • Belt Watch
  • Brush Servo Motors
  • Brushless Servo Motors
  • Cam Switches
  • Cantiliver Load Cells
  • Capacitance Level Switches
  • Capacitive Sensor
  • Cement Bag Indicator
  • Chute Level Switches
  • Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switches
  • Conveyor Safety Switches
  • Conveyor Safety Switches
  • Digital Counters
  • Dust Collector Switches
  • Electronic Speed Switches
  • Flame Proof Enclosure Level Switches
  • Flame Proof Sensor
  • Heavy Duty Limit Switches
  • Hopper Level Switches
  • Inductive Proximity Sensor
  • Limit Switches
  • Liquid Level Switches
  • Load Cells
  • Loss of Head Indicator
  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Mini Pull Cord Switches
  • Non Contact Level Switches
  • Optical Safety Barriers
  • Optical Sensor
  • Paddle Level Switches
  • Parallel Beam Load Cells
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Process Transmitters
  • Proximity Monitoring System
  • Proximity Switches
  • Pull Cord Rope
  • Pull Cord Switches
  • RF Admittance Switches
  • RF Capacitance Switches
  • Rotary Cam Switches
  • S Type Load Cells
  • Safety Cable Pull Switches
  • Sapcon
  • Selsyns
  • Sensor for Automation Industry
  • Sensor Probes
  • Sequential Timer
  • Servo Drives
  • Signal Convertors
  • Silo Level Switches
  • Single Type Load Cells
  • Soft Starter
  • Speed Safety Switches
  • Speed Switches
  • Tachogenerators
  • Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Switches
  • Toggle Limit Switches
  • Top Mounted Level Switches
  • Tuning Fork Level Switches
  • Ultrasonic Level Switches
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Vibration Level Switches
  • Voltage/Current Transducer
  • Web Edge Controller
  • Yarn/Thread Breakage Monitor
  • Zero Speed Switches
Safety Tests

Safety is a parameter which is of top priority for our business, we see to it that not only our patrons, but even our workforce remain safe at all times while handling these goods. This is why we have hired some of the most experienced professionals, who use top of the line tools so as to conduct rigorous tests. They make sure that each item passes the necessary safety protocols. A few other tests on the basis of which we conduct inspections are efficiency, reliability and performance.

Our Clientele Base

Having a vast clientele base is not something which happens with the click of two fingers. A firm needs to work hard, and moreover, they need to make the customers believe in their work. At our institution, we have committed ourselves towards providing each patron with none other than high end commodities. Securing these items only from those manufacturers who use cutting-edge technology, allows us to provide you with a guarantee of their outstanding output rate. Some of the esteemed clients we serve include-
  • Triveni Engineering
  • At&t
  • Methods
  • Gerdau